International Animated Film Festival Animated Dreams winners 2016. The festival screened 206 films from more than 30 countries.

Before Love / Dir. Igor Kovalyov

Grand Competition Grand Prixprize Heino Pars NAIL, presented by animation studios Eesti Nukufilm and  Eesti Joonisfilm

“Combines tragedy and comedy in describing common everyday life.”


How Are You Today? / Dir. Sophia Markatatos

Student Competition

“Emotionally gripping story and “masterfully animated details.”


Travelling Country / Dir. Vessela Dantcheva, Ivan Bogdanov

Shut Up! Competition Golden Prize

“Interesting folkloric elements, good sense of humour and a message for peace.”


Grand Competition Special Mentions

Very Special Jury Prize

Nighthawk / Dir. Spela Cadez

Special Jury Prize

Satie’s Parade / Dir. Koji Yamamura

Jury prize

Endgame / Dir. Phil Mulloy


Student Competition Special Mentions

Jury special mention

Child / Dir. Viktor Stickel, Iring Freytag


SHUT UP! Competition Special Mentions

Silver Prize

Au revoir, Balthazar / Dir. Rafael Sommerhalder

Bronze Prize

Full House / Dir. Kristjan Holm