Mati Kütt Retrospective

Mati Kütt Retrospective

We live in strange times. In almost all creative fields the old rules of the game are dead. It is said that all paradigms known to us have changed, and we have reached some kind of a post-era, with terms like postmodernism, post-conceptualism, post-digital, post-truth etc. For Mati Kütt these post-themes are very important, especially the electrical posts! The utility pole is one of the central figures in his experimental animation Labyrinth (1989) and his puppet animation Sky Song (2010). In the latter Kütt even goes into extremes with the post-theme, with cameos from a mailman and a post office!

To be fair, Kütt belongs more to the Renaissance than contemporary times. One could call him a pure artist, uncompromisingly and consistently focusing on his own creations for decades, avoiding the world of advertising and commercialism. Kütt’s animations and paintings form a self-contained universe that could be described as surreal dislocation. Besides surrealism, Kütt mixes in a certain dose of naivety and psychedelia that is always accompanied by a very deep and humane dimension – Mati Kütt’s everlasting research into humans and being human.

Ülo Pikkov

23 Nov

1h 8min