The world’s oldest running stop motion studio is celebrating its 60th anniversary. Nukufilm has lived through a time period where film technology has gone through an incredible metamorphosis, yet the basic techniques of the puppet film have remained the same. Even today, filmmakers and their teams will manually build up a detailed set, arrange lighting, and make by hand each and every puppet. The animator then moves the puppets frame by frame, photographing it after each minute change. The result creates an illusion of movement in the spectators mind. With everything computers are able to achieve now, this process remains mostly as it was since its inception. This process is time consuming, but it’s all in the service of telling great stories, ones which are still being told today at Nukufilm. This retrospective is made of films from 7 different directors and consists of a selection of the best films from the last decade.


22 Nov

Kino Artis 1
1h 34min