Before PÖFF Shorts, there were two festivals – Animated Dreams and Sleepwalkers.

Animated Dreams was born in 1999 when Otto Alder curated an animation programme for the Black Nights Film Festival programme. During its 18 year run, with the help of many Estonian animators and filmmakers, Animated Dreams grew into its own international festival, becoming the most important animation showcase in the Baltics.

A year after Animated Dreams was born, Sleepwalkers started as an independent festival for student films, maturing into a short film festival dedicated to short documentaries, fiction and experimental films. In 2014, Sleepwalkers became a BAFTA qualifying festival, making all British films screened eligible for a BAFTA.

Three years later in 2017, the two festivals decided to join hands for a unique short film and animation event to bring together audiences and audiovisual storytellers from all around the globe.

Welcome to PÖFF Shorts!